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I created this domain my junior year when I took Introduction to mass communication and frankly did not have much content.  I had planned to have a long term portfolio of my projects but never really got around to it.  I am excited because this class has done an excellent job fleshing out my blog as well as making it mandatory that my work is published online.  Sure it is not all my finest work but I am infinitely thankful for the experience.  I hope that when this class concludes, I still take the initiative to make a page explicitly to display my work and projects.  I would like this to be something that I can put on my resume so that my employers can see the extent of work I have done in the field of advertising.  This course encouraged me to create an “About Me” page, which I had desperately needed.  I redesign my blog pretty frequently so I am not confident I know what it will look like 10 Years from now,  but I hope I can continue to apply things I have learned in class!

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