Today I am doing research on a brand for a story telling video I am going to make.  After sitting at my kitchen table slaving away at different ideas of companies I would like to use, I found the One.  10GYM, then I discovered that there is no information about them anywhere.  Like, not even a Wikipedia page.  So I moved on to Keurig, Green Mountain!

That brings us to here.

There are some Important questions I want to answer to really get a good understanding of the company

Why does the business exist, What is the business history,  Who are the main characters, What is the company mission, What are the core brand values and How do the customers feel?

Let’s get started.

Why does the business exist

The business was conceived to serve the workplace and provide higher grade personalized coffee

What is the business history

 Keurig Green Mountain is an American company founded in 1992 in Massachusets and introduced the K-Cup  Pods in 1998.  It was originally designed for office and later brought to homes in 2004.

Who are the main characters

Dick Sweeney is the Co-Founder of the K-Cup Brewing System.  He is also a  United States Army veteran of the Vietnam War.

We create the ultimate beverage experience in every life we touch from source to cup – transforming the way the world understands business.

A Keurig® brewer on every counter and a beverage for every occasion.

What are the core brand values

We partner for mutual success
Our boundaryless approach to collaboration creates benefits for all.
We innovate with passion
With courage and curiosity, we are shaping the future by redefining the customer experience.
We play to win
Our team sets ambitious goals and meets each challenge with unified purpose and character.
We brew a better world
We use the power of business to make the world a better place.

How do the customers feel

Customers really enjoy the convenience that Keurig products bring to their lives.  Coffee aficionados are not large fans due to lower quality coffee, however, many customers seem to praise Keurig for the simplicity.

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